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As a business looking to continually grow, we are always interested in helping the business develop through the enhancement of the strong teams we already have in place. So if you have a technical, sales or creative skills, enjoy a challenge, and most importantly can combine hard work with a sense of humour, we would love to hear from you.

We will always endeavor to acknowledge every contact, even if there aren't any vacancies in your particular field of interest. In the meantime, here are some stories from existing members of staff - as you'll see from how long they've stuck around, we must be doing something right!

I first joined Covenco in 1991, when there were only four of us in a small rented office in Windsor. That first day left a big impression on a 19-year-old, where I saw the possibilities of a successful career could be combined with a certain amount of frivolity. Much has changed in the last 26+ years, not least of which Covenco has grown considerably, matured and diversified. And occasionally there is still some room in the business day for a little frivolity! I am one of many 'returnees' to the company (in fact, twice for me) after stints with competitors, which I think speaks volumes about Covenco, its culture and the people in general. They say you should never go back, but in my case back meant forward, and the last 15+ years as the Sales Director have been hugely enjoyable, both professionally and socially. I feel exceptionally lucky to have worked with some talented and dedicated colleagues - great characters in their own right, and equally good friends. As for customers, some of mine have worked with me for nearly 20 years. Whilst it would be impossible to believe there has never been issues, how you resolve those problems defines the relationship and I am sure we can continue them successfully for years to come.
Steve Hollingsworth, Sales Director
Covenco has always supported my professional development enabling me to achieve some career highs, the most notable being the completion of the ACCA qualification. By providing training opportunities and developing individuals’ skills, knowledge and interests, Covenco creates a platform for its staff to grow professionally.
Peter Flynn, Financial Director
Having now worked for Covenco as Operations Director for over a decade, I have seen many changes for both the business and in the industry - adapting to the industry changes has been the success of the business. Driving operating costs down and ensuring we have a versatile and dynamic workforce to support the ever-changing needs of the business has been one of the key factors to our success during some real tough economic times. We're now working harder than ever to ensure we maintain the growth and stability going forward for many more years to come.
Mark Turner, Operations Director
When I first joined the company there were just 15 of us. I've seen the company develop and grow into a more successful and diverse business, employing more product experts and support staff, whilst still retaining its founding and long standing members. Covenco's success has always supported my personal success and that's why I'm still here!
James Troup, IBM System X and Storage Specialist

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