IBM's LPAR technology allows clients to take advantage of reduced maintenance and software costs as well as providing an environment that is easier to manage.

Venture Finance have been aware of these advantage since 2003, when they commissioned us to consolidate their European operations onto an LPAR'd AS/400 720.

More recently, they approached us to upgrade this environment to provide more power. Venture Finances's business, both here in the UK and across Europe rely heavily upon their IT infrastructure and it was vital that the project was a success with the minimum of disruption.

Covenco supplied an iSeries and replacement towers, disks and features to build the new environment side-by-side with the existing system. We provided the installation services to ‘cut' the partitions and thereafter Venture Finance were able to move their environments to the new system quickly and with ease.

We have since helped Venture Finanace relocate their IT to a new premises which required a crane and stairwalker to negotiate a complicated access issue. Again, to minimize business risk, we provided an exact replica standby system, complete with all the LPAR's, and all the engineering and logistics.