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Covenco started back in 1989 as an IBM Broker in the then System 36 and 38 product ranges. We have developed and continued to adapt to meet the challenges of modern IT sales and are now equally adept at IBM, HP and other premium brands, blending their hardware with software and services. We have also launched a number of related technology businesses that compliment our core activities but, for one reason or another, warrant a separate brand.

Tel: +44(0)1753 478333

Covenco Applied Technologies Ltd,
Deseronto Business Park,
St Mary's Road,
United Kingdom

Applied Technologies

Applied Technologies provide IBM Systems, Storage and consultancy to UK business' of all sizes, from SMB to Blue Chip and Public Sector. Their expertise and IBM Business Partner status provides their clients with the resources to meet business challenges - designing, supplying and implementing solutions with IBM Systems I, P, X and Storage at the core - whilst always striving to deliver best value.

To visit the Applied Technologies site, click the link to the left, but if you are in a chat session (above right) you will lose the session so please open another browser window and visit

Tel: 0845 2070 999

Covenco Recovery Services
MXL Centre,
Lombard Way,
OX16 4TJ

Covenco Disaster Recovery Services

Covenco Recovery Services, as the name suggests, specialise in the supply of Business Continuity and High Availability Solutions.

With locations near London, The Midlands and Derby, amongst others, they can provide a country wide service to protect IBM System I, P and X customers. Their range of solutions include fixed site, relocatable and workplace recovery, with High Availability and hosting services also available.

To visit the Covenco Recovery Services site, click the link to the right, but if you are in a chat session (above right) you will lose the session so please open another browser window and visit

Tel: +44 (0) 1753 478 300

iEnterprises, Europe, Ltd.
Unit H2 Deseronto Business Park, Langley,
SL3 7EW.

iEnterprises Europe : CRM for Lotus Notes and IBM

iEnterprises® Europe is a leader in CRM for Lotus Notes as well as Mobile CRM solutions that bridge Blackberry client devices with any existing CRM server technology. The 2008 Winner of IBM's ‘Best Cross Industry' Award, their CRM solutions allow you to fully utilise your customer data.

Businesses that employ the iEnterprises® suite of CRM solutions achieve reductions in cost, increased profitability and productivity through highly effective use of the data that business sectors deal with every day. Simply put, iEnterprises® makes the best use of your data, your existing Domino infrastructure and your people.

iEnterprises has a comprehensive web site that fully explains their CRM solutions, please click the right hand link. However, if you are in a chat session at the moment (top right), you will lose this session by going to the site now, so pease open another web session and visit

Tel: +44 1753 478378

Jerram Marketing Ltd,
Deseronto Business Park,
St Mary's Road,


How innovative is your marketing? Jerram Marketing and Design specialize in 21st century marketing, concentrating on electronic mediums that deliver opportunity to your business. This is a Jerram designed website. Aesthetically appealing, intuative, informative, but importantly, designed with customer interaction in mind.

By now, it is very likely that a Covenco consultant has started to chat with you in the window above and that they were aware of where you are in this site and what you searched for to arrive here. We hope that they are not intrusive, rather, that they provide the vital next level of help and information that even the best designed ‘passive' website can not - because they lack the human element. If you want to understand more about Jerram's marketing concepts, please visit their web site by clicking here

Tel: +44(0)808 192 4388

Good Dog TV,
Deseronto Business Park
St Mary's Road

Good Dog Productions

With the lines between web, multimedia and TV broadcasting becoming ever more blurred, Good Dog TV are the perfect compliment to the extended web capabilities of the Jerram Marketing team. Whether the requirement is for a corporate brochure, a product launch, a seminar or TV content on the web, utilising the Good Dog TV crews will enable you to capture TV quality footage, which Good Dog then edit, before Jerram create the finished artlicle.

To visit the Good Dog TV site, click the link to the right, but if you are in a chat session (above right) you will lose the session so please open another browser window and visit

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