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Frequently Asked QuestionsCustomers tell us that when they buy equipment from Covenco, the only difference they notice is the price. If you're new to the used market, you'll probably have some questions about how it all works. We've answered a handful here and, if there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to contact our sales team.

Will the equipment look used?
Well we hope you won't notice too much difference, we refurbish all our equipment to a very high standard and include a full set of manuals, cables, wrap plugs etc. just as you would receive when ordering the product new.

How do I compare new and used prices?
Our sales team will be happy to help provide details of the maintenance and software costs that might be required to compare a new quote with a refurbished equivalent. In virtually all circumstances, any additional cost for the licences/maintenance will not exceed any savings made by purchasing a refurbished product - after all, if that were the case the refrubished products would never sell!

How do warranties and maintenance work?
Most of our clients choose to add the equipment they buy from us to existing agreements, so our warranty covers the period of time from when we install to when the existing maintenance supplier accepts it under their cover. In short, you're not exposed. For a complete statement on warranty, please see our Warranty/Licences pages

Will I see a difference between the performance of new and used equipment?
IT equipment works at the same speed, whatever its age, and system performance doesn't change.

Do I have to use your engineers to install the equipment?
No, but it's a good idea to get us to manage the installation. We know from experience that external engineers don't always have the same level of hardware knowledge, which can cause problems.

Where do you source your equipment?
We buy most of our hardware from UK users, giving us an extensive range of stock from 3 months to 3+ years old, all of which has been maintained to very high standards. We also buy from UK, European and international brokers who are members of ECLAT and the ASCDI, the two independent organisations that govern our industry.

If I buy equipment from Covenco, what do I do about software?
You can buy software from the manufacturers and its partners in exactly the same way and at the same cost as for a new system. For a fuller statement on licences, please see our Warranty/Licences pages.

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