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Latest News

Delighted to see our in house and mobile disk destruction platforms running at speed! 160 x 6tb drives being wiped to DOD standards simultaneously. And that is not at full capacity either. As an ADISA certified ITAD, Covenco have a long understood the importance of good process for data security. Good business practice requires that broken, damaged, or redundant IT equipment needs … Continue reading

Our client is based in Leeds within the manufacturing industry, specialising in the manufacture of gaspath components – primarily rotating blades and stationary nozzle guide vanes for the aerospace and industrial gas turbine industries. In stock when you need it… The client is a long-standing customer of ours and runs a historical IBM iSystem, which is used for archive purposes. … Continue reading

In today’s IT environments, the constant threat of malware and ransomware necessitates  that businesses must be prepared with offline copies of data, beyond the reach of attack. Recovering an offline copy can take hours, maybe days and it could be hours out of date, dependent on your policies. IBM Safeguard With Safeguard copy on the Storewize/FlashSystem products, customers can keep … Continue reading

Unless you have been living on a remote island for the past year or so (If so, lucky you!), you will have been made aware of a global shortage of all sorts of processors and chips. For those of us in the IT industry, it has meant an impact on the price of hardware and will continue to do so … Continue reading

In the past 2 weeks we have helped dozens of clients, from NHS, to retail, finance etc. respond quickly to the changing landscape. Be that homeworking, pressure on in house systems or technical teams to cover staff shortages. In these incredible times, we know that unprecedented pressures are being leveraged against IT teams all over the UK to continue to … Continue reading

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