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HP announces 2TB RAM capacity on x86 blades.

Many have long considered Samsung the leader in memory technology.  For this reason it comes as no surprise that Hewlett Packard have selected their DDR3 DRAM for use in the upcoming ProLiant G7 releases.

The new HP DL580 G7, BL680c G7, and BL620c G7 servers will all incorporate Samsung’s 4GB- Based 1.35V DDR3 chip.  The chip consumes a staggering 33% less energy than the most widely used 1.5V 2GB-Based DDR3 chip.

Operating at 1066 Mbps, the kits will be available in both 16GB Dual rank and 32GB Quad rank RDIMMS.  At 533MHz, the 32GB quad rank registered DIMM provides up to 33 percent faster performance while doubling the maximum memory capacity compared to the previous generation 16GB quad rank RDIMM running at a speed of 400MHz.

The BL680c G7 is the world’s first x86 4-socket blade server with 2TB of memory and the BL620c G7 is now the world’s first x86 2-socket blade server with 1TB of memory.

Personally, taking this into consideration, it feels as though HP have reached a milestone in server technology.  I frequently visit customers who are running virtualized, memory-intensive x86 workloads.   A quite common gripe is that they should not have to compromise on energy efficiency in order to support large volumes of data.  Working with Samsung, HP has enabled customers to reduce power consumption and free up operational overheads that can now be reinvested in other areas of their IT infrastructure.

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