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IBM Power 7 Solid State Drives

If you’re running IBM Power 7 servers, Covenco have an unbeatable offer on high performance Solid State Drive modules & adapters. Available immediately from stock, we can supply 177GB SSD modules for just £450 each. The high performance PCIe RAID adapters are in stock too and are available for £400 each.

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SSD technology can provide 33X to 125X more I/O Operations per Second (IOPS) compared to spinning disk drives (HDD) and can therefore slash I/O-bound batch window times, improve interactive or query response time, and even make previously performance-impractical applications work well. Additionally, a small set of SSDs can offer energy, cooling and footprint savings by replacing a much larger set of HDDs.

Whether you’re running IBM i, AIX or LINUX, our in-house technical team will prepare the modules and adapters for your environment. And our experienced site engineers can provide full installation services, tuning your system for optimum performance.

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About Maurice

Maurice has over 20 years experience buying and selling IBM hardware, Joining the business in its infancy, he has been an integral part of Covenco's strategic direction and success. Focusing on the international brokerage markets, Maurice has a wealth of knowledge on IBM Power & Storage products.
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