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HP Hardware Warranty

HP Hardware WarrantyWarranty on HP Hardware from Covenco

Refurbished Products
All Covenco 'refurbished HP' products are guaranteed to be acceptable for maintenance standards. Upon delivery, it is the client's responsibility to contact their maintainer and request the product is placed onto maintenance. Dependent on the maintainer's policy, they may choose to inspect the equipment. Many, including HP, have the option to do so in the first 30 days but often choose not to. Regardless, Covenco guarantee they will rectify any reasonable fault that is barring maintenance acceptance or replace the product. In practice, this is a very rare occurrence. Obviously, as soon as maintenance acceptance is confirmed, the equipment is then the responsibility of the maintenance provider. If a credit account is in place, we do not expect payment until this is confirmed, or 30 days, whichever the sooner.

Why do we offer this style of warranty?
In our experience, nearly all our clients have an existing maintenance agreement. It can cause complications if more than one party maintains a system. If we offer a warranty we have to charge for this, so no money is saved. We asked clients what they would prefer and the vast majority wanted the equipment at the lowest cost and to then add it to their existing agreements.

Many items you purchase (e.g. memory, feature cards, disks for existing bays) may not have an incremental cost to your existing maintenance agreement.

If you would prefer a 1 year warranty, please notify your sales representative who can calculate the costs.

Unused Products
In many scenarios, unused products have the same warranty status as refurbished products, but are cosmetically superior. However, in some instances, EU sourced items can be supplied with a manufacturer's warranty still valid. Your sales representative will make this clear at the time of quoting.

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