IBM Software Licenses

IBM Software LicensesSoftware Considerations for IBM Hardware

The licence implications for the products are platform specific:

IBM POWER i and iSeries Servers
iOS or OS/400 will be pre-loaded and licenced at a specific level for each system. Please specify which level you require. If you are purchasing a complete system (a new footprint) licenced at a currently supported OS level, you have 30 days to register the system with IBM and to purchase Software Subscriptions. This is not mandatory, but failure to do so will incur a penalty if you join the scheme at a later date. All additional licences (QU1, ST1 etc) will need to be either transferred from a dormant machine within your Enterprise (with the same processor banding or greater) or purchased new from an IBM Business Partner.

Processor On Demand (POD) systems will be licenced for OS/400 for the base configuration as a minimum with licences available for additional CPU's in some circumstances.

IBM POWER p and pSeries Servers
AIX will be pre-loaded, for test purposes, at a version of your choice. However, before the system is placed in a live environment (by live, this can mean development, production, live H/A etc.) a licence must be purchased. The licences are banded according to machine type and processor quantity. When purchasing a new machine, you are still required to purchase AIX and the costs to licence a used machine are the same. Regardless of your intended use, Covenco recommend a licence is purchased and your Covenco account manager can advise you on which products have a license requirement and the costs associated.

IBM System x and xSeries Servers
We do not supply a licence with the Intel servers unless specifically requested. It is the client's responsibility to ensure they are adequately certified for the number of servers they are currently using. If you do require additional Windows or Linux licences we can provide these and please ask your Sales Representative for a quotation.

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