IBM POWER7 795 Memory, Disk & Features

If you currently run IBM POWER7 795 servers, Covenco can provide processor upgrades, additional memory, disk and features - all original IBM manufacture and guaranteed for maintenance acceptance. Our pre-sales and technicians will help you design and implement upgrades for IBM POWER7 (9119/FHB) Servers.

  • Memory - additional DIMMS and installation
  • SCSI, SAS and Fibre Disk - additional internal disk units, direct attached and external SAN
  • Features - Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Graphics, Cryptographic and more
  • Expansion - additional expansion cabinets (subject to loop maximums)

We can also supply the entire range of IBM external storage products. Our product experts can help you design your solution. more

The POWER7 795 (9119/FHB) servers are also available in the used market and are nearly always in stock, so please contact us to check the latest availability. The disk, memory and features are always ex-stock and are competitively priced.

We can supply the IBM maintenance contracts to compliment our offering and we are confident of being price competitive in almost all scenarios.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a new system, Applied Technologies are fully certified IBM POWER specialists. IBM POWER7 Systems have compelling TCO propositions, - please click 'buy new' below, or contact them today to learn more.

  • Stock Position: 100's in stock, STPS
  • Saving on list: 80-90%
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 30 day RTB + Guaranteed IBM maintenance acceptance.

IBM POWER7 795 Memory, Disk & Features Sales


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Is POWER7 right for you?

Will this be the first POWER System in the enterprise? Are you considering this system alongside other brands or models? If you would like to talk to a specialist about POWER, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team.

POWER7 Installation

Our Technical Services team can provide a full site service for the IBM POWER systems. From initial design to complicated partitioned installations, our IBM team have decades of experience in IBM POWER, System P and System I

POWER7 Configuration

What size server do you need? How much memory, how much disk? Speak to us about your existing environment and we will help size your POWER system. Alternatively, if you want to test, or complete a Proof of Concept, we can help by providing access to our Datacentres or provide a PoC at your site.

POWER7 Engineering and Support

Are you looking for Technical advice or do you have support issues? Our team may be able to help. With decades of POWER experience, we will be glad to help if at all possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

POWER7 Warranty Information

All our refurbished POWER systems are supplied with a 30 day warranty and are guaranteed for IBM maintenance acceptance. We can also provide a maintenance quote from both IBM and reputable Third Party maintainers should you wish.

Why Buy Brokerage Hardware?

The functionality and durability of IT products far exceeds the typical 1st user life-cycle. Processors, disk, memory, features etc. are normally readily available in our market within a year of launch, whilst they are still sold new! All items are covered by a combination of our warranty and manufacturer maintenance acceptance. The only difference is price. Pay less and get more.

Why Buy from Covenco?

Covenco have 30 years experience in IT solutions and our client base includes some of the largest IT users in the UK - many of whom have been clients for years. We build lasting relationships based on providing good advice, value and delivering on our promises. Please look at our 'About Us' section to learn more.

WEEE Disposal

Covenco have been specialising in recycling for nearly two decades - after all, refurbishing and reselling your redundant hardware is the most green and efficient way of disposing of an asset. Where an asset has a value and can be resold, we will always pay a fair price.

However, not everything will have a resale value so if you need a complete solution, we can provide a turnkey service to collect all your redundant electrical assets and recycle the components, keeping the waste to an absolute minimum.

We arrange collection and can provide documentation to satisfy your compliancy audits.

We can also provide a data destruction service to ensure any sensitive data you may have is properly protected.

Contact us today to learn more.

Whilst the POWER8 range of servers are the latest generation, some of its features and upgrade options are now beginning to become available. Power7 and POWER6 Systems have been available in the brokerage market for a number of years now. Consequently, Covenco can supply features, extra disk, expansion towers and memory for the majority of the POWER servers at fractions of the IBM list price.

Our technical experts understand your configuration outputs - so we can establish your current configuration and all the features you may need in your upgrade, including power or cabling pre-reqs.

These components will be ex-stock and therefore available in 24-48hrs, will be guaranteed acceptable for maintenance and can include installation if you desire.

We can then supply all the engineering and support services you may need - including a maintenance contract on the new parts if required.

Contact your Covenco sales rep for more details today.

Are you looking for technical support for IBM POWER7 795 Memory, Disk & Features?

Our technical teams can provide support and assistance for :-

IBM POWER7 795 Memory, Disk & Features Configuration and options - if you have a configuration in mind our experts can take your existing system details, or your intended configuration, and by utilising configuration tools and their experience, they can provide a certified configuration, advice on your options and suggest alternatives you may not have considered.

Installation - our site engineering team can provide a full installation service for any products we supply, contact us to learn more.

IBM POWER7 795 Memory, Disk & Features Troubleshooting and advice - if you are having problems configuring your system, have an error message or have a failed part - regardless of whether we supplied the product or not - we will be glad to help if we can. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team and we will arrange for one of our technicians to call.

Looking for a leasing or rental solution for your IBM POWER7 795 Memory, Disk & Features

Hardware Rentals
Our rental solutions are available for hardware configurations of all sizes . All of our rentals have flexible terms - as short as one week through to months and years, and can often be delivered in 48-72hrs. With a full installation service and maintenance available, plus the option to allow the minimum term to be extended or the contract converted from rental to ownership at any point, a rental from Covenco provides flexibility and value for money.

Despite the general reduction in the cost of hardware this past decade, the costs of implementing a large solution are still considerable, and it can be very important to find the right finance solution to compliment your chosen hardware. Covenco can access a number of funding sources to provide solutions for projects as small as £10,000 through to multi-million pound data centre upgrades. Depending on the equipment involved, the lease term could be from as little as 12 months, through to five years.

Contact Covenco today. We specialise in excellent financial solutions for computer hardware.



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