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IBM have a full range of disk storage products and Covenco hold stock of complete systems, features, and of course all the relevant disk drives. Whether you need a complete Storewize Vx000, Flash System, upgrades to existing systems or older XIV, Storewize, DS8 products - Covenco provide extremely cost-effective solutions, typically in 48-72 hours.

Our expert pre-sales team have a deep understanding of the different ranges and their supported configurations, so will guide you to make sure your IBM disk storage purchase meets your needs and is technically validated.

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Whether you need a complete Storewize Vx000, Flash System, upgrades to existing systems or older XIV, Storewize, DS8 products -  Covenco provide extremely cost-effective solutions, typically in 48-72 hours

IBM Disk Storage in stock

Why buy your IBM Disk Storage from Covenco

  • Latest models back to legacy systems
  • Any configuration built to order
  • Fully tested and refurbished hardware
  • Worldwide delivery within 48 hours
  • Warranty included, maintenance available
  • Full Installation services available
  • Saving up to 95% off list price
IBM Storwize V7000

IBM Storwize V7000

The Storwize V7000 are very flexible and powerful storage devices, allowing clients to virtualise and manage their entire storage estate.

The Storwize V7000 Gen, 1 2 and 3 are regularly available in the used market, and the disks / expansions are very competitively priced, often 95% or more of list. We can provide whole systems, upgrades and services to install and support.

With the ability to scale up and out, supporting Flashcore,…

More information about IBM Storwize V7000

IBM Storwize V5000

IBM Storwize V5000

The Storwize V5000 and subsequent V5010 and V5030 are always available in the used market, and the disks / expansion are very competitively priced. The V5x00 is ideal for midsized organisations with complex storage and scalability needs.  They are designed to help consolidate and provide new capabilities to existing storage infrastructures, with the typical software features associated with the Storewize (Tiering, Compression, Replication).


More information about IBM Storwize V5000

IBM Storwize V3700

IBM Storwize V3700

The Storwize V3700 is no longer available from IBM, but we can support these legacy systems with upgrades, including extra disk shelves or drives for the arrays, or supply whole storage arrays. Typically from stock and within 72 hours.

If required, we can supply maintenance contracts and technical services to support you.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a new system, Applied…

More information about IBM Storwize V3700

IBM DS8000 Disk

IBM DS8000 Disk

IBM's flagship DS8000 Disk Subsystems (DS8100, DS8300, DS8700 & DS8800) are highly performant disk solutions for large, critical, speed sensitive applications. The latest DS8000's, powered by a POWER6 processor, can store up to 2048TB on storage in RAID levels 5, 6, 10, with 2GB/s fibre channel connectivity. Options vary depending on DS8000 model.

The first generation DS8100 and 8300 systems are freely available in the…

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IBM DCS3xx0 Disk

IBM DCS3xx0 Disk

The IBM DCS3860 and DCS3700 storage systems provided very dense and powerful disk solutions. Both are withdrawn from new sale now but should you have a DCS storage system and require additional disk or shelves – both are immediately available from stock at low prices.

Equally, should you require maintenance support, or engineering services to keep your investment…

More information about IBM DCS3xx0 Disk



The IBM XIV is a high end virtualised grid storage solution, now withdrawn from new sale by IBM.

Covenco have whole systems and expansion shelves in stock. Upgrades to client units need careful planning and execution, and Covenco can provide the expertise to deliver the project.

Should you be interested in support and maintenance services for the XIV, we will be glad to help.

Maintenance companies, please be aware that we…

More information about IBM XIV

Legacy IBM Disk

Legacy IBM Disk

IBM DS Disk Subsystems have a very large install base in the UK. Covenco hold stock of nearly all the IBM DS range, including the storage subsystems, the expansions, the racks, the disks and the connectivity options. We can even supply upgrades and parts for the older FastT ESS and SSA disk environments

Even though IBM have withdrawn many of these products we can still support these legacy environments. Our expert staff can interpret…

More information about Legacy IBM Disk

Covenco have a comprehensive stock of IBM disk storage, features and parts available for immediate shipment.

When IBM disk storage arrives in our engineering and warehouse facility, the systems and features are fully tested, before all the components are stored separately. This means the drives are available for immediate shipment if you are looking to expand your disk storage, or we can easily build a new configuration to your exact requirement.

All the IBM disk storage supplied by Covenco is of original IBM manufacture, fully tested, and is provided with both a warranty and a guarantee that it is accepted onto maintenance. Our engineering team can provide installation services, connecting the storage to your existing IT infrastructure and configuring the system to meet your business requirements.

Our sales specialists know the complete IBM disk storage range and can advise which system is right for you, helping you choose the right solution from both a technical and commercial perspective. By considering the capacity and performance of the system, initial hardware cost, associated software charges and potential ongoing maintenance expenditure, you can be assured you’ll get expert advice from Covenco.

If you have any redundant or surplus disk storage hardware, contact our sales team and get a valuation report today!

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